Sausalito in North San Francisco

Sausalito, CA
Sausalito, CA

Sausalito is located in Marin County in the North of San Francisco. It is perfectly situated on a little bay harbor. It comprises of small settlements mainly being hillside homes that are organized into an exciting downtown area. The town features a combination of art galleries and small shops coupled with restaurants. Near the waterfront, guests will find several stop-over spots for coffee or lunch. The spots still give the visitors elegant views of the San Francisco Bay area and the city.

From San Francisco city, a trip to Sausalito is done within a day. it is accessible by bicycle, car or a boat. A visit to Sausalito can be part of a half-day or a full-day tour. Many people usually combine this tour with a visit to Alcatraz or other highlights in Marin County such as Muir Woods Monument. In addition, there are various other cruises that either allow some free time or run past Sausalito. One of the most scenic rides in the world is taking a ferry ride across the water. Arriving in Sausalito by water puts you in the middle of everything. Often, a sightseeing tour of the San Francisco city is paired with a ride or drive over the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito. This is a highlight of any visit to the area.


Important tips to know before visiting Sausalito

It will take you half an hour journeying across the bay using the Sausalito ferry. The bay experiences cool temperatures resulting from fog and winds. Therefore, carry extra clothes and dress in layers. For beautiful views, check out the San Francisco skyline before leaving Sausalito. There are various public transport means of getting to Sausalito. You can choose to either go by bus or taking a ferry. Both run between San Francisco and Sausalito regularly.

Besides public transport, you can get there via private car through Alexander drive. Tour boat rides are also available for your use. However, the ferry ride is better as it is more exciting and cheaper. The ferry ride to Sausalito is arguably the second most exciting ride in the world. It comes second to Hong Kong’s Star Ferry. Most athletic tourists opt for bicycling in the town. Doing so gives you an opportunity to ride across the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Sausalito houseboats

These are part of the interesting features in Sausalito that many visitors are not aware of. More than 500 houseboats exist in five floating home marinas in the northern part of the town. Although it is possible to walk around the houseboat marina any time or day, there are public tour schedules for you to check out.

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Check some interesting things to see in the Richmond District of San Francisco, and other areas as well. Check out another article on thedoctorblogger on some of the hardware stores, including Coles Hardware near North Beach San Francisco.

Shopping stalls for hardware material in San Francisco

Shopping stalls for hardware material in San Francisco
Shopping stalls for hardware material in San Francisco

Hardware shops are very crucial in a city. These shops contain things like power tools, hammers, buzz saws, screwdrivers, and doodads. Hers a list of some useful hardware in San Francisco.

Cole hardware.

It is on the north was opened in the previously piazza market space in 627 over a couple years is among the most iconic businesses in the North Beach and its currently trying to fill the gap that Figoni hardware that was located on Grant avenue which closed down years ago. Apart from the stunning façade of Cole hardware, you are going to find every kind of tool that you are looking for including paint, nails brushes and so much more. Cole hardware is also a UPS point where you can go buy your clipper card.

Fredericksen hardware and paint.

This hardware in San Francisco has been serving the neighborhood ever since 1906.its widely known for its top-notch services as well as the staff who never disappoint. The unique thing about Fredericksen hardware is it has an adorable cat named Pepper who lives at the store.

Ace hardware.

This is a very ideal spot whenever you want to grab some home items during your lunch breaks. Ace hardware is located in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. It is not very big in size but still, the staff at Ace hardware are very helpful. Its bonus point is the store does not have the specific item that you are looking for an employee is going to help you find it in another store.

Standard 5& 10.

It is a very large laurel village store that comes with kitchen goods. Stan’s kitchen features very classy kitchen items that are not sold at any other store in the neighborhood after home chef left the neighborhood for over a decade now. Consider standard 5&10 because it has everything that you are looking for in hardware .it is also known for selling big green eggs.

Cliff’s Variety.

This hardware is both an icon and a legend among the is located in Castro. Cliff’s Variety is usually full of LGBTQ people who are friendly and the staff in this hardware are more than willing to help you. While visiting Cliffs Variety, expect the unexpected, you’ll find everything that will make your home beautiful. Apart from the usual home staff, they also sell feather boas, wigs, makeup, and a variety of many other things. Find more information about hardware stores here: SF’s oldest hardware store opens 20,000 square-foot makers paradise in Dogpatch which is sharing an interesting story.